Wildlife Projects

Actinopterygii (Ray finned fish)

Perciformes (Perch-like fish)

Bradshaw, Chris (2000) Flow Rateand the Density of Gobiidae, Sicydium punctatum, in Dominica

Corrington, Chase (2017) Preferential Habitat and Spatial Distribution of 3 Species of Sicydiine Gobies (Genus Sicydium) based on substrate and flow rate within the Checkhall River

Anderson, Luke, Mandy Stanford, and Jessica Weems (2001) Interpecific Competition of Stegastes fuscus

Amphibia (Amphibians)

Mullen, Carter, and Shannon Powers (1998) Herpetological Field Guide

Powers, Shannon (1998) Comparison of Distribution and Abundance of Herps in a Burned Area and a Forested Area

Anura (Frogs)

Eldridge, Devon (2017) The Relationship Between Vocalizations of Eleutherodactylus imartinicensis and Body Size

Fontenot, Brian, Jason Snelgrove, and Catherine Zindler (1999) Calling Site and Body Size Evaluation of Leptodactylus fallax

Mullen, Carter (1998) Frog Density in the Rainforest

Roesner, J.F. and J.S. Heath (2000) Environmental Factors Influencing Habitat Selection of Leptodactylus fallax

Anthozoa (Coral)

Akers, Lindsay, Chase Corrington, Kylee Ecker, Kristen Sarna, and Anchal Thomas (2017) Survey of Live Coral at Champagne Bay and Scott’s Head

Aves (Birds)

Bishop, Micah Andrew (1999) The Effect of Terrain, Vegetation, and Other Factors on the Diversity and Distribution of Birds Indigenous to Springfield

Newton, Pamela and Shannon Waterhouse (1999) Patterns in Times and Locations of Bird Captures on the Springfield Estate

Passeriformes (Passerines)

Bradshaw, Matti (2017) Call Response in Dendroica petechia

Griffith, Autumn N. (2000) The Almighty Trembler: the Method Behind the Madness

McAfee, Eric (2000) Aggressiveness and Mating Behaviors in Loxigilla noctis

Ostiguin, Kim (1999) Observations of the Host Plants of Coereba flavelola (Bananaquit) on Springfield

Reimer, Marsha May (1998) The Trembler’s Tremble

Talbert, Clint, Priscilla Coulter, and Kelly Bronstad (1998) Behavior of the Mountain Whistler in Dominica

Apodiformes (Hummingbirds)

Anderson, Laura (1999) The Species and Associated Microhabitats of the Springfield Estate Hummingbirds

Holstead, Audrey (2017) Study of Color and Sugar Concentration Preferences in Sericotes holosericeus and Coereba flaveola

Roesner, J.F. (2000) Hummingbirds of Dominica and the Concentrations of Sucrose They Prefer

Chiroptera (Bats)

Biernat, Angelica, Meghan Kirk, Sam Noynaert, Angelica Skeeles (2000) Echolocation Call Sequences of the Dominican Bats Molossus molossus and Tadarida brasiliensis

Bradshaw, Mattie, Devon Eldrige, and Audry Holstead (2017) Streblidae Association with Different Bat Species and Genders

Kirk, Meghan (2000) Investigating Sexual Dimorphism in Four Species of Dominican Bats

Labrenz, Cary (1998) Species Diversity of Bats at Springfield Estate

Labrenz, Cary, Natalie Holzen, Jana Mullinax, Laurie Warriner, and Alyssa Kubiak (1998) Ecology of Dominican Bats

Mullinax, Jana and Natalie Holzen (1998) Study of Tadarida brasiliensis and Molossus molossus including: Frequencies Emitted, Foraging Times, Flight Patterns, Sexual Dimorphism

Newton, Pamela (1999) Possible Causes of Reduction in Bat Captures on the Springfield Estate

Wade, Nicole (2000) Emergence Behaviors of Dominican Bats: Molossus molossus, Monophyllus plethedon, Natalus stramineus and Tadarida brasiliensis

Wade, Nicole and Chris Bradshaw (2000) Roosting Site Preferences of Artibeus jamaicensis, Natalus stramineus, Monophyllus plethodon, Molossus molossus, and Tadarida brasiliensis in Dominica

Warriner, Laurie and Alyssa Kubiak (1998) Ectoparasites of Dominican Bats in Springfield

Waterhouse, Shannon (1999) Effects of Nature on Mist Netting for Dominican Bats

Malacostraca (Malacostracans)

Decapoda (Crayfish, Crabs, Lobsters, Prawns, Shrimp)

Augustine, Sarah, Autumn Griffith, Charlie Johnson, and Hee Kim (2000) Field Guide to Prawns of the Check Hall River

Biernat, Angelica (2000) Territorial Behavior in Dominican Land Crabs Gecarcinus ruricola and Gecarcinus lateralis

Harling, John (2017) Study of Guinotia dentata Movements Relating to Water Sources and Burrows

Harling, John and Travis Doggett (2017) Prawn Population Diversity in the Check

Kim, Hee (2000) Habitat Preference of Prawns Found in the Check Hall River


Reptilia (Reptiles)

Squamata (Lizards)

Doggett, Travis (2017) A Survey and Discussion of the Geographical Range of Anolis cristatellus

Ecker, Jayne K (2017) The Habits of the Lesser Antillean Iguana (Iguana delicatissima)

Fontenot, Brian (1999) Thermoregulatory Patterns of Anolis occulatus and Ameiva fuscata


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