Other Projects


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Zammit, Rachel (1998) Medicinal Plants of Dominica: A Pictorial Field Guide

Plant Pathology

Kalinec, Cassy (2004) Control of Plant diseases in Organic Cropping on the Nature Island, Dominica


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Dengue Fever

Hart, Melanie (1999) Dengue Fever on the Island of Dominica

Typhoid Fever

Clarke, Marcia (1999) Typhoid Fever on Dominica


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Eco Tourism

Chandler, Jenn, Kelly Crook, Sarah Israel, and Eric McAfee (2000) The Effects of Eco-Tourism on Dominica

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Moore, Mark (1999) Recreating on Dominica



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Succession Studies

Ahlquist, Beth (1999) Ecological Succession After Fire at Mt. Joy


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