Entomology Projects

Coleoptera (Beetles)

Benavides, Lucille, E.C. Chaves, Jeremiah Dye, and Edith Kretsch (2000) Comparison of Beetle Diversity Between the Canopy and Ground in a Secondary Rainforest on Dominica

Kretsch, Edith (2000) Courtship Behavior of Ignelater luminosus

Coulter, Priscilla (1998) Observation of Bioluminescence in Pyrophorus pellucens

Diptera (True Flies)

Calliphoridae (Blowflies)

Akers, Lindsay (2017) Survey of Necrophagous Diptera Species Abundance and Diversity at Springfield Station, Commonwealth of Dominica

Culicidae (Mosquitoes)

Thomas, Anchal (2017) Comparison of Culicidae Present in Phytotelmata versus Stream Pools and General Survey of Culicidae at Springfield Station

Streblidae (Bat flies)

Bradshaw, Mattie, Devon Eldrige, and Audry Holstead (2017) Streblidae Association with Different Bat Species and Genders

Hemiptera (True Bugs)

Gibbens, Randy, Karen Price, an Christine Springer (1998) The Incidence of Citrus Blackfly on Citrus Grown in the Wild and in Banana Groves

Hymenoptera (Bees, Ants, and Wasps)

Formicidae (Ants)

Benavides, Lucille H. (2000) A Diversity Study of Leaf Litter Ants of The Primary and Secondary Forests of Dominica

Chavez, Eduardo C. (2000) Survey and Comparison of the Ant Fauna (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) of Secondary Forest and Severely Impacted Regions of Dominica

Dye, Jeremiah (2000) Tree Climbing as a Means of Studying Arboreal Ant Populations

Ethridge, Erich (2017) A Survey to Assess Mites Associated with Dominican Ants

Ethridge, Erich and Samuel Shook (2017) Survey of Insect Biodiversity in Arboreal and Ground Habitats on the Island of Dominica

Shook, Samuel Ryan (2017) Evaluation of the Diet of Odontomachus spp. on the Island of Dominica

Talbert, Clint (1998) Foragin Behavior of the Odontomachus Ants on Dominica

Zindler, Catherine (1999) The Relationship Between the Ponerine Ants and the Nasutiform Termites on the Island of Dominica

Apocrita (Wasps)

Brady, Cheryl (1998) Determining the Habitat of an Aquatic Wasp in the Check Hall River

Isoptera (Termites)

Zindler, Catherine (1999) The Relationship Between the Ponerine Ants and the Nasutiform Termites on the Island of Dominica

Lepidoptera (Butterflies and Moths)

Skeeles, Angela (2000) Patterns of Moth Diversity in Dominica Secondary Rainforest

Insect/Arthropod Surveys, Multiple Species

Israel, Sarah (2000) Ectoparasites on Bats in Dominica

Bock, Jennifer (1999) Census of Insects and Arachnids Present in Ginger Flowers on Dominica

Brady, Cheryl, Marsha Reimer, Emily Towers, and Laura Worsham (1998) Comparative Analysis of Water Quality Based on Benthic Macroinvertebrates

Springer, Christine M. (1998) The Diversity of Life in Heliconias and Bromiliads

Warriner, Laurie and Alyssa Kubiak (1998) Ectoparasites of Dominican Bats in Springfield

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