Dominica Study Abroad

Welcome to the Dominica Study Abroad Website! In this program, students conduct field research at the Archbold Tropical Research and Education Centre, and other locations on the island of Dominica.  Individual and group research projects include animal and plant ecology, plant-insect interactions, biodiversity of Dominica, and marine and freshwater aquatic ecosystems.  Students design projects, collect data, analyze results, and prepare reports.  The program includes challenging hikes that allow students to experience Dominica’s diverse flora and fauna.  Students will also experience the unique culture of Dominica, and participate in activities such as snorkeling and marine mammal watching.


Update: As you may know, Dominica was hit by Hurricane Maria in September, 2017. The research station received substantial damage from the storm. We are asking for your help. The station needs money and supplies to rebuild so we can continue our research there, and it can provide once-in-a-lifetime experiences for years to come. I will update this page as I get more information, but if you are willing to help, please consider donating money (even a dollar will go a long way!) to the rebuilding effort.

To donate, Go to

Please consider also sharing this donation page on your various social media accounts. The more visibility we get, the better off we will be.

The station will eventually need supplies as well, and I will post a link to their Amazon wish list as soon as I get it. Thank you all for your help!


Current and Past Research Projects

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Species Gallery

Constantly updated list of identified species on the island